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Skype (/skaɪp/) is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches over the Internet. Skype also provides instant messaging services. Users may transmit text, video, audio, and images. Skype allows video conference calls.

In December 2018, an Executive in Customer Service left this review about SKYPE in the TRUSTRADIUS website: “We all have our Skype accounts. When necessary for client conversations, we use Skype, unwillingly. Every single person complains about it and switches to another tool if possible. Skype doesn't address any business problems, if anything, it's a problem itself. It totally became the inside joke: Look Skype rolled out a new version! Oh goodness, now we will have to figure things out all over again! Oh no, prepare half an hour in advance, to find buttons! Ha, Microsoft is looking for newer ways to mess it up again"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Skype full-time Cons: incompetent management incredibly bureaucratic, even simple things take ages to be resolved we are not allowed to contact HR (our manager's enforcement) we are not allowed to work from home we are constantly micromanaged we are not allowed to do branches (git) - people get scolded on branches other than master (even local branches) - oh yeah you read that correctly: scolded except a few good engineers the rest don't even know how to write a unit test management ignores hiring engineers when a candidate is not a good fit technically (lower pay is favored over competence) a culture of pain (pain = experience) the first environment where I witnessed bullying and lies in feedback people that talk a lot but hardly deliver anything of value are thriving in this environment same bugs as when I started are recycled or dusted a bit to keep the fire burnin'"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Skype full-time Cons: After MSFT acquisition, things changed for bad. Redundancies, lack of career opportunities, bad management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Skype full-time Cons: Where do I start.....Constant re-orgs, like every 2-3 months, some bigger, some smaller, where management chains are shortened, then again made longer, then bunch of people are let go, shuffled around, etc. Total lack of direction, management/decision makers seem to have absolutely no clue where they want to go with the product (perhaps due to the decision makers constantly changing and every one of them taking another direction of what they want to do). The bureaucracy chain has gotten so big over the last few years, that getting stuff done, even the most simple changes/fixes to product, processes, etc, takes ages (if they get done at all)."

Former Employee - Senior Software Development Engineer says

"I worked at Skype full-time for less than a year Cons: Taking into account that in this company, there are 320 working hours in month, not 160, salary does not seem to be that competitive anymore."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Skype full-time Cons: Everything else, which is why the pay package needs to be good or nobody would stay"

Quality Engineer says

"I worked at Skype Cons: they killed it, Skype is no more"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Skype full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Politics Meetings Constant late night calls to Redmond TERRIBLE middle management (All have come from Redmond)"


"I have been working at Skype Cons: skype for business is a playground for old time MS friends of Zig - stay away.They are not very good, do not take pride in their products ,and plan to win on the backs of users by pleasing IT. They do not get the new world."

Current Employee - Mobile Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Skype full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Worked with Software developers and testers who don't know what Unit tests, regression tests, etc. One Software Engineer in Test (SDET) asked me "What is unit test? do you mean uni test?" All their SDET does are using their finger or mouse to manually test Skype. No automated test. When developer wants to implement Unit Test or Automated UI test, they are not encouraged or supported, or discouraged. Because Dev Team and QA Team are competing with each other. They didn't want one another to be successful."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Skype full-time Cons: Poor leadership, lack of quality execution"

Rip v. Winckle says

"I cannot recommend Skype to anyone if you need to use it professionally. The only good thing I can say about it is that it has a fairly consistent reasonable quality of sound and connection... But that you can get easily and anywhere nowadays.... And that is where the list of Skype-benefits stops. In many countries Skype (one of the first and biggest providers of online phone service in the world!) cannot issue local phone numbers. The number of countries where you can apply for a local Skype number are in fact very limited. Even in Europe they are scarse!... Then there's the invoices. Like many bigtech companies, Skype (Microsoft) is for some reason not able or willing to provide clients any kind of an invoice for their purchases. The number of countries where Skype can provide a VAT-invoice is -again- very limited. But why not -at least- provide clients with a downloadable pdf-invoice with the details that they can find online in their account??? How difficult can it be!???... For business purposes Skype is totally useless, unless maybe if you live in one of those few countries where they do provide the full service. However, in that case you still have to suffer from Skype's horrible client service. Then there's of course the question whether one should use Skype for private communication. Well, you could (I sometimes do, if it is unavoidable) However, there's enough reason not to do so. Foremost, there is the privacy issues. Skype will collect your data and use it for God knows what. In fact, you're better off using messengers like Wickr (especially for professional use) Signal or (less safe) Telegram. These messengers don't provide phone numbers unfortunately, but they do allow you to make voice and some even video calls too. Look into it... Finally, my advice when it comes to using voip: there's lots of really good, specialized providers of voip-services nowadays (offering phone numbers and many more features like call recording for example). Look around and you'll find one that you like. My experience is that the smaller ones often give the best service at the best conditions. Just stay away from Skype!... You'll save yourself lots of headache..."

Chantal Andree Berclaz says

"If insanity exist to qualify a business, Skype earned the title! - horrible costumer service - No live agent to escalate an ongoing issue - offers a subscription plan on their website a a certain price per a year subscription with 15% discount but the credit card doesn’t go through it says the card info is not valid, but then your CC purchases go through every time, so you end up with 5-6 purchases, of course being ultimately cancelled. Then you’re stock - spending hours on chats and not going anywhere - if you have several accounts and don’t remember the password then too bad no one can help you - why all your accounts cannot be managed in one place? - a total disrespect of their costumers - paid an annual subscription of $142 nine months ago and unable to use the service - bottom line I’m stocked and see no possibilities"

Gemma says

"I used my Skype account for the first time in years recently, and found the system so much more complicated to use. I understand the need to upgrade systems, but I could not navigate my way around as easily as before. I would prefer to use Zoom or MS Teams as I find them more user friendly."

Abbas Seyedmohammadi says

"never and ever I will use it. NEVER"

James says

"Disgusting. Skype effectively operated as a scam. Took my money, then won't reconise my microphone. The microphone is in perfect working order. It has worked without problems with endless apps and websites, and I've checked and it still works fine with other apps!"

Illogic Math says

"When Skype came out I thought it was a great app but since Microsoft got its claws into it, it got worse and worse. The interface is terrible. For instance, when you are in call mode or on the contact screen there is no option to return to the main screen where the profile is. You can't edit a phone number that has been copied and pasted because when you press on the number, it is completely erased and many more inconsistencies that I'm too pissed off to continue writing"

Qinuo Wei says

"Very bad customer service. I have no idea how a big company like this can have a hard time replying to its customers???!!! I don't appreciate big companies that are not willing to invest more into customer service."

Thomas Thorne-Thomsen says

"I hate using Skype--much prefer Zoom--but I have to in order to communicate with a certain group of folks. The reason I hate Skype is that it's technical support for me is totally meaningless. No, that's not right, it's worse than meaningless, it's misleading."

Max says

"Customer support is always unavailable. In the meantime I receive automated emails stating that they are going to charge me a monthly fee for something I don't even have a subscription to."

Mr Frank says

"The design of Skype is very bad. There are boxes, all over the screen, you close one and another opens, sometimes there are two boxes. There is an emoji that flashes, not sure why, as there are only 8 available, this is very annoying, we use this for business, we don't need a heart emoji flashing during a sales call. How can Microsoft, not design Skype to be simple and efficient, like Zoom? Why does it need to be so badly designed?"

TheSilentSage says

"Purchased a subscription from Skype but the number didn't work. Tried to get through to CS, but it was impossible. In the end, I cancelled my subscription. Stick with the free service."

Alex Dawson says

"so tired of receiving the microsoft text message to verify my skype for business account, i receive it randomly, for no reason, when it's been verified 100 times before.. and i have to enter the code every time.. so annoying"

Luca Proculo Gentile says

"It shows my credit in Danish Corona but I live in Finland. I don´t see how to change currency."

Roy-Al says

"Outdated. Simply an outdated platform, it is still a decent one but it is simply old. Most people migrated to other platforms, it is not like skype is bad just... who you gonna talk to there is no one uses it any longer?"

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